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Super Detailers

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Service & Price

Our professional services include :-
- Light Scratches removal
- Swirl marks removal
- water marks removal
- hologram correction
- seal and wax paint protection
- show car detailing
- coating services (Opti-Coat Pro and Japan Glass Coat)
- car paint coating testing
- complete interior clean

1. Normal polishing - Claying,  Light swirl marks removal, hologram correction, car Coating shine + protection (Sealant wax)
Estimated time = 3 to 4 hours.
Price starts from RM350 to RM550.

2. Extreme polishing - Claying, Medium swirl marks removal, hologram correction, RIDS (deep scratches) level down, Car Coating shine + Paint Protection (Sealant Wax)
Estimated time = 4 to 7 hours.
Price starts from RM550 to RM750.

3. Show Car Detailing - Claying, Deep swirl marks removal, hologram correction, RIDS (deep scratches) removal, watermarks removal (including windscreen + windows), Car Coating shine+Paint Protection (Sealant + Wax) + Engine Detailing + Interior cleaning
Estimated time = 7hours to 10 hours
Price starts from RM750 to RM950.

4. Car Coating Service - Claying, Deep swirl marks & RIDS (deep scratches) removal, + Permanent Ceramic Grade A coating protection. + Engine Detailing + Interior touch up.
Estimated time = 8 to 10hours
Opti Guard price = RM2200 to RM2800 (Body panel, and wheels rims.)
Opti-Glass price = Price starts from RM400

5. Car Coating Service - Claying, Deep swirl marks & RIDS (deep scratches) removal, + Japan Grade A Glass Coating Protection. + Engine Detailing + Interior touch up.
Estimated time = 8 to 10 hours
Japan Glass Coat price = RM1,200 to RM1,800
Japan Windows and Windscreen Coating price = Price starts from RM200.

Additional Services.
1. Paint Coating Tester - RM100 per car (paint level tester, repainted paint or accident car) Suitable for those who are looking to buy a used or reconditioned car.
2. Engine Detailing - RM80 - RM100 (safe engine cleaning)
3. Interior Cleaning - RM200 - RM300
4. Windscreen & windows watermarks removal - Rm150 to 200
5. Headlight Restoration - RM150 to RM200 per pair.

Charges are based on the size of the vehicle and not by make. Our packages prices starts from RM100 to RM2,800. Depending on what would you want us to do on your car.


Can you be discrete? 

Client's discretion is very important to us. All customers' personal details, even the casual verbal association between vehicle and owner are kept private and never shared or discussed. Any photos taken of the vehicles for our documentation immediately have tags blurred or removed.

What is detailing? 

Detailing has many definitions and it all depends entirely on who is the one interpreting detailing. Detailing has a strong conception of a RM5-10 wash and some basic interior cleaning with general purpose chemicals hardly focusing on the details of a detail much less any rejuvenation. 

However, many people now consider detailing as express cleanings. And while price does not always define quality, cheap volume oriented RM5-10 washes show over time that they do a lot more harm than good. Acidic wheel cleaners, which are better off cleaning concrete are used on wheels and harsh soaps are used that end up stripping wax and drying trim on the painted surfaces. Washing with careless technique and more importantly careless selection of wash media leads to paint damage which can dull and scratch the paint. What vehicles are left with is a swirled, scratched finish, that has little protection. Cheap dressings that are used to show a "detailed" look eventually dry and crack plastics, trims and tires and will often damage adjacent surfaces.

A detail at Super Detailer is not just a quick cleaning, it is the rejuvenation and perfection plus the thorough protection of your valued vehicle, the perfection of your new purchase.

Why are your prices so different?

We are after a completely different goal and our ultimate results require a higher level of skill. Many detail outfits focus on quick wash and wax type services where we work toward improvement looking ultimately toward perfection. A particular level of skill coupled with veteran experience is required to perfect the often delicate surfaces of your vehicle and when looking at paint restoration, what we are strongly known for, this is simply not something that should be chanced because once that mistake is made, there is no going back.

While still completely affordable and customizable, our services are for those who simply want the best for their vehicle.

Why are your services so time consuming? 

A premium detailing services takes time. For example if you were to have your meal at a five star restaurant, you will need to wait for your meal to arrive slightly longer than your average fast food restaurant. But, the difference between the two meals cannot be argued. Back to our services,  it will also simply take much longer because our goals that we want to provide for our customers is different as well. Quality takes time. Even a mild restoration will take 6-10 hours. It is not uncommon for our most intensive services will take from 2-5 days. 

Should my brand new vehicle be detailed? 

Many owners will have this question. But they fail to know that many vehicles, despite being brand new to the owner even leave the factory with imperfections. While in port, or at the dealership vehicles often sit outside exposed by different kind of elements with no protection allowing bird droppings, acidic rain, as well as a multitude of airborne contamination to leave their marks on that new vehicle. Typically vehicles are given a quick wipe down or run through an express car wash to remove the settled dirt and dust.

What kind of products are you using? 

We do not use products containing cheap silicones, masking or concealing agents or any acidic cleaners on the often delicate surfaces of automobiles. Our products are tested over a period of time to ensure that it provides the best quality and results so that we can give the best to our customers. 

Do you accept all types of vehicles? 

Yes. If the premium difference matters to you and you are interested in having any vehicle of yours prepared simply contact us.