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Car Care Advise - Everything you need to know to properly  care for your car and make it look amazing!!!

Car care is a considered complicated to some people, however due to technological advancement in products and the construction of modern cars, car care is simply getting easier. One should not have a mindset that to achieve a superb car care result is not hard. With reputable and appropriate product accompanied with techniques on how to care for your car, car care is simply just easy.

Safe Washing & Drying 

Washing is the process of removing grime from the exterior surfaces of your car and should normally be done on a weekly or fortnightly basis. In this guide, learn about the benefit of using a wash mitt over a traditional yellow sponge, how to use the two bucket method, when to use a microfibre wash cloth, how to wash and rinse exterior surfaces efficiently, how to dry exterior surfaces safely, and the benefits a microfibre drying towel offers over a traditional chamois leather.

Claying & Decontaminating Paint 

Over some time, car paint finishes may tend to become rough to the touch due to the accumulation of various contaminants that are too firmly bonded to be removed by normal washing alone. In this guide, find out how to check if your paint has acquired bonded surface contaminants, how to remove stubborn road tar spots and baked on bug splatters, what a clay bar is used for, and how to use a clay bar and lubricants to remove bonded inorganic contaminants.

What Does Polish Do?

Polishing is a range of processes designed to either remove or mask paint defects and greatly enhance surface gloss in preparation for sealants or wax protection. In this guide, find out about what polishing does and why it is the secret to achieve an extraordinary finish, how to assess the condition of car paint, differences between compounds and polishs, how to polish properly by hand, and how to polish safely by machine.

When Should compounding?

"Compounding" is the usage of abrasive compounds to grind the surface layers of heavily damaged or dull paint. Compounding is going the extra mile than polishing, because this process requires a more aggressive product to revive or improve dull and worn out paint. This process is only done if extreme situations permits. This process will quickly and effectively level down the paint by smoothing the surface and removes dead oxidized paint. 

Car Paint Coating 

Factory paint on new cars is thin but how thin? Generally , the top clear (not including the color coat or primer coat), the layer that you can polish and wax, is averaging about 50 microns thick, approximately the thickness of a piece of paper. So when polishing a car, to remain the most amount of paint left on the car, we use the least aggressive products to get the job done to ensure the paint is still there. 

Choosing For Paint Protection

After cleaning and polishing, all painted surfaces should be protected with a good quality sealant or wax if the quality of the finishing is to be preserved. In this guide, find out about the differences between sealants and waxes, how to tell how well protected your paint is, and how your choice of last step product can affect the appearance of your paint.

Caring For Wheel & Tyres

Rims and tyres are the easiest to be contaminated by brake dust and road grime on a continual basis and are probably the hardest part to be maintained. In this guide, learn how to wash and clean alloy rims and wheel covers, how to remove stubborn accumulations of brake dust properly, how to clean and protect tyres, and how to apply sealant protection to alloy rims and wheel covers and prevent corrosion from setting in and causing permanent damage. 

Modern Engine Caring & Cleaning

Engine bay detailing . This may be because it seems like a lot of hard work when very few people will see it, or because the task appears to be too challenging. However, a clean engine bay can add to the value of your car when it comes to selling it and undoubtedly makes servicing easier. In this guide read about how to clean your engine using degreasers, how to rinse off your engine safely using a hose, and how to clean and protect plastic trims and rubber hoses, all in under an hour ...

Caring For Interior Surface

The interior are often intact to as much abuse as the exterior surfaces. Maintaining a clean and the color of the interior surface is also sometimes considered a headache because improper care by users causes the surface to be dull and dirty. In this guide, learn how to clean and protect the interior surfaces, including leather and fabric seats and trims, carpets and mats, plastic and vinyl surfaces, and the glass as well.