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Super Detailers

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About Us -  Useful information about Super Detailer & How we work ...

We are a team of passionate car care enthusiasts who have established a respectable business out of what was once just a weekend hobby. Although we now pride ourselves on the professionalism we bring to the car care and detailing scene, we haven't forgotten our roots. We invite you to share in our enthusiasm for the joy of detailing and the quest for the feeling of satisfaction and joy best described as Super Detailer. With the right products and advice it's not that difficult to achieve that dream. 

Why Us?
Previously we used to own a car wash & detailing centre which washes and cleans more than 1500 cars per MONTH... We also have detailed more than 100 cars and still counting... from the small Perodua Kancil to the big Land Rover... Yes,we know what is the best car care for your cars.

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The difference between Valeting and Detailing service :

Traditional valeting services are usually based on low cost, low quality wash and wax services aimed at the masses. However, there are now an ever increasing number of detailing services being offered to more discerning customers, with a shift in emphasis towards specialist techniques such as paint correction and the use of premium products for paint protection. Such services are much more time consuming and require a much greater degree of skill, meaning that they are usually more expensive. However, because the value of used vehicles is greatly affected by the condition of the bodywork, wheels and interior, such work usually pays for itself, particularly on prestige and performance vehicles. 

Here is the some example of Valeting Vs Detailing Services

Valeting Car Wash Vs Detailing Car Wash
Valeting Car Wash
 Detailing Car Wash
Job Description 

Job Description : Pour out or Rinse off with high pressure water jet on the car body surface even its still hot (some may wash under the sun). The same process is done to the rims and disc brakes. Using a normal or acidic shampoo is applied so that dirt, oil and stains can be removed easily and quickly. Usually a normal cloth or sponge or even some may use re-use dirty microfible cloths to clean.

Time Consumed : It can be very fast at an average of 5 to 10mins

Result : 

1. Paint protections like sealants and waxes will be wiped off or wear off.

2. Swirl marks and RIDS will appear.

3. Watermarks on the car body paint.

4. Will result in paint failure and disc brake lifespan to drop. 

Price : RM5 to RM10

Job Description : Ensure that the car is cooled down before rinsing off with water. Use a high-end shampoo( some may contain wax substance) and cleaner to wash it to make sure the paint protection will not be washed off. Use a soft microfiber cloth to wash it. Washing the car with soft hand pressure.

Time Consumed : It may can take around 8 to 30mins.

1. Car paint will look shiny and smooth.
2. No or very light Swirl marks may appear. No RIDS.
3. The car will not be easy to be dirty because some high-end shampoo contains substance to repell dirt over a period of time.

Price : RM20 onwards.
Engine Degreaser Cleaning Vs Engine Detailing
Engine Degreaser Cleaning
 Engine Detailing
Engine Cleaning vs Engine Detailing
Engine Cleaning
  Engine Detailing
Job Description : Rinse the engine parts with water or high pressure jet even if it's still hot and some times, white smoke may come out. Some may not even cover the electrical components. Using heavy acid or engine degreaser is sprayed on the engine surface. Waiting about 1 to 2 minutes. Continue spraying the car shampoo on it and use a cloth to clean it. 
Time Consume : 8 to 10minutes
Result : 1. Clean but the layer of wax on the engine may wear off.
             2 . Electric components may be damaged. 
             3.  Small fractions of the engine may not be cleaned.

Price : RM10 to RM15

Job Description :  No high pressure jet on the engine parts. Normally by using a wet microfiber cloth to wet the dirty engine parts surface. Using a high range cleaner with soft brushes to clean part by part. Wipe it again with a wet cloth then dry it. A layer of protection will be applied on.

Time Consume : 20 to 30minutes
Result : 1. Most of the small parts are reachable can be cleaned.
             2.  Look shiny and cleaner.
             3.  Safe and engine protected.

Price : RM 80 to RM100

Valeting Polish Vs Detailing Polish
Low cost Valeting Polish
 Detailing Polish
Description Polish 
Unprofessional Car Wash Polishing
  Professional Car Detailing Polishing
Description : They will spread the polishing products on the car first and follow up by using a low-cost rotary. The low-cost rotary is accompanied with either a low-cost or worn out foam pad and is polished with high speeds. No surface preparation( claying or Paint Decontamination) is done first. Using a cheap range of products with wrong polishing skill to polish a car. Cheap range of products is used to increase revenue. Some unprofessionals may polish the cars under the sun or open space. They will not use a coating tester to measure the thickness of a car before working. 

Time consumed : 30 minutes to 1hours.

Result : 1. Swirl Marks and RIDS may still show up.
              2. Holograms/ Buffer Trails will appear. 
              3. Cut more paint coating due to high speed rotaries.
              4. It may be smooth and shiny.
Price : RM 50 to RM80             
Description : After washing the car, surface preparation (claying or Paint Decontamination) is done. Recording the car coating thickness first before deciding on what to do. An expensive and controlable speed rotary accompanied with high-end polishing products is selected. Products will be spreaded by the rotary at a low speed(400 to 600rpm) and polish off with speed of (800 to 1200rpm). Polishing is done part by part and the polishing pad is always checked to be clean. After polishing part by part, residues is carefully wiped away by using microfiber cloth. 
Time cosume : 2 to 4hours depend on the car size.
Result : 1. Remove light swirl marks or watermarks.
              2. Smooth and shiny paint surface.
              3. Oil stains will be remove. 
              4. No residues are left behind
Price : RM350 to RM650 

Here are some pictures during our detailing...